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Buyers & Sellers

There are times when real estate becomes a financial burden for all parties involved. Getting rid of unwanted real estate means no more interest payments, property taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. These carrying costs are unlikely to be recouped and can eat up much of a property's value. In such situations, the real estate auction offers an attractive alternative to sellers for a variety of reasons.


  • Provide Instant Liquidation Auctions transform surplus holdings into cash or earnings assets.

  • Bring Quick Sales - An auction is a catalyst for motivating hesitant buyers into action. A typical auction marketing campaign brings the property to the attention of all potential buyers, telling them the exact day of the sale. Timing can be critical if a transaction is driven by specific tax or financing requirements, such as year-end closings of companies or financial institutions that want to offset year-end gains and losses. Auction sales can often be closed instantly or within an acceptable time frame, depending on the sellers' requirements and flexibility.

  • Establish Value - Auctions have the potential to generate higher prices than conventional sales. In weak markets, the auction creates the market and maximizes prices by creating consumer confidence in the property. In strong markets, it establishes new highs by capitalizing on existing demand and extracting every dollar the market will bear.

  • Expand Market Reach - Where efforts to sell similar real estate get the attention of a limited audience, the marketing programs that support an auction can expose properties to a regional, national and international audience.

  • Freeze Conventional Activity - This happens in a particularly over-built market where everyone waits to see what opportunities the auction might bring. Once the auction marketing program begins, sales on competitive properties in the area are virtually eliminated.

  • Get Attention - Sellers who opt for inclusion in multiple-owner, multiple-property auctions receive far more exposure for their properties than individual advertising contributions would buy.


If You Are A Buyer:

  • We are committed to sell - When you attend an auction, you'll know that the seller is committed to selling the property on THAT day.

  • No risk of overpaying - With traditional real estate sales processes, many buyers of luxury homes, ranches and other properties worry that they'll pay too much. However, with an auction, you'll know what other bidders are willing to pay. So if you're the successful bidder, you'll know that your price is a fair market value.

  • Service - We will work closely with you in the days leading up to the sale, providing the information you need to evaluate your options and be prepared to make good decisions on the auction day.

  • Fast closing - In most cases, our sales are closed within 30 days.


If You Are A Seller:

  • Advertising - Together we select the proper media to promote your auction for the utmost in prospective buyers and results . We use newspapers, mailers,  and a host of electronic and social media methods.

  • What Happens at Auction - Excitement and anticipation. The buyers urge to bid are all part of the makes an auction work so well. We pride ourselves in sales ability and fast effective results.

**Effective February 1, 2020 all Auctioneers and Auction Companies are required to collect sales tax.**

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